Vascular Access in Covid patients is critical.  While Vascular Access is virtually always an essential part of patient care, it takes an even more important role in Covid patients.  With Covid patients, after obtaining a secure airway, the next immediate need is Vascular AccessVascular Access enables medications, fluids, nutrition, and blood pressure monitoring, all of which are tools that enable proper care of Covid patients.  In particular, when monoclonal antibodies (ie, scaled up laboratory-produced antibodies that bind to a protein on the virus to prevent it from entering a human cell) became available as a Covid treatment, reliable vascular access and vascular access monitoring was crucial for this to be effective.

Why outsource Vascular Access during a medical crisis such as Covid?

Healthcare providers outsource Vascular Access to improve patient outcomes, reduce costs,  and strengthen infection control, all of which enriches the patient and family experience.  In times of a medical crisis or pandemic such as Covid, these reasons are amplified as healthcare facilities must do more in times of crisis.  Healthcare facilities must serve more patients especially those in critical condition, perform more services, and keep up with conditions and information evolving on a daily basis.  Being able to outsource a non-benign and critical medical procedure to a high quality provider not only helps ensure a successful procedure, but frees up resources to focus on other pressing matters especially those cannot be outsourced or delegated.

How has Vascular Wellness performed during Covid? 

Vascular Wellness has performed and continues to perform at its high standards of quality meaning the ability to obtain vascular access safely, no insertion related infections, responsive service levels, and broad geographic coverage.  Vascular Wellness maintains constant communication with its clients, works with its clients to plan and anticipate Vascular Access needs, triages patients when needed, and is always available by phone for free consultation.  Vascular Wellness serves as a reliable and exceptional outsource provider to its clients and patients.

With respect to Vascular Access device placement specifically, Vascular Wellness clinicians are broadly trained on a variety of Vascular Access Devices (VADs) and can place US guided PIVs, Midlines, PICCs (Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters), Small Bore Internal Jugular Lines, Small Bore Femoral Lines, Small Bore Axillary Lines, Large Bore Quad Lumen Lines and Large Bore Vas Caths for Dialysis.  Further, Vascular Wellness clinicians are trained using ECG technology, avoiding the need for X-Rays in many situations.  Therefore, Vascular Wellness clinicians are expertly equipped to handle patients with a complicated medical history, patients in the prone position (ie, where the patient is positioned face-down with their head in a neutral position without excessive flexion, extension, or rotation) to allow for better oxygenation which is critical for Covid patients, and an organized yet chaotic hospital environment where patients may be on the wrong floor or in the hallway.  Patients in the prone position create challenges as clinicians have less needle visualization at the insertion site and the insertion site is subjected to more pulling, tugging and friction.  Furthermore, due to the prone position of the patient, the insertion site dressing integrity may be compromised more frequently due to fluid buildup and line maintenance may not be adequately monitored.  Placing a successful VAD in a patient in the prone position requires the highest level of skill with plenty of VAD options, making Vascular Wellness an ideal and safe choice for this medical procedure.  

Even with performing during the Covid pandemic and in the Covid environment, Vascular Wellness contains to maintain an exceptional zero insertion related infection rate across all standard and advanced Vascular Access lines.  This is superior and unusual as central line associated bloodstream infections (CLABSIs) are among the highest healthcare associated infections (HAIs) during the Covid pandemic.  The significant increase in CLABSIs is likely due to the sheer increase in volume and frequency of line placement which may then lead to less experienced staff placing lines, less compliance with hand washing and disinfecting, less availability of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other supplies such as max barrier drapes and gowns, less line care and maintenance, and a general less strict compliance with policies and procedures.  The preceding is not about blame as healthcare providers are understaffed and overwhelmed and doing the best they can to serve all patients promptly.

Furthermore, Vascular Wellness’ strategic planning enabled it to acquire all the PPE it needed such as gloves, gowns, masks, plastic bags, and sanitizing solutions and wipes for its nurse clinicians which not only mitigated risk infection but also alleviated any need to either burden its clients for their PPE or ask its clients for exceptions to their policies (which is not unusual in healthcare when supplies are limited).  Vascular Wellness also purchased and continues to purchase plenty of supplies such as catheter kits and ultrasound machines, with ECG Tip Confirmation technology, to ensure its ability to serve its clients and patients.  Despite the pandemic, Vascular Wellness continues to supply skilled clinicians, supplies and equipment and provide the highest quality of care to its clients and patients.

Why is Vascular Access at the Bedside essential in the case of Covid patients? 

Vascular Wellness’ ability to place standard and advanced lines at the bedside enables the treatment of Covid patients without moving such infected patients throughout the hospital potentially exposing others and allows non-infected patients to be treated without the risk of being moved and exposed to infection.  As a hospital example, a Vascular Wellness clinician was walking near the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and she saw a very sick Covid patient wrapped in plastic getting ready to be moved to the IR Suite to receive a central line as the medical team was unable to place an Internal Jugular line.  The Vascular Wellness clinician stepped in and asked the team to roll the patient back to the ICU so she could place a Femoral line.  Within 30 minutes, she placed a triple lumen, mid-thigh Femoral line and saved the hospital staff from transporting an infectious Covid patient through the hospital resulting in an improved outcome at a lower cost with less infection risk.  As non-hospital examples, Vascular Wellness clinicians continue to go to patients’ homes to place lines helping them to avoid a potentially dangerous trip to a hospital or other healthcare facility which is extremely important for high risk patients.  Vascular Wellness provides the right line at the right time at the bedside wherever the bedside may be.  

Why is Vascular Wellness successful even during a Pandemic?

Vascular Wellness’ secret to success is culture.  We are a team of collaborative, courageous, and innovative people whose focus on quality and thirst for advancing healthcare and nursing sets us apart.  We care deeply about each other, each patient, each client, and our relationship with the healthcare and local community.  We are experts in our field who help people and make a difference in all lives we touch.  Our vision of Advancing Healthcare and Empowering Nurses, and our core values of Integrity, Quality, Innovation and Teamwork, drive us to provide the most comprehensive solutions in the market and provide the best patient care.  The Vascular Wellness Vascular Access solutions at the bedside are the right choice for both non-pandemic and pandemic situations.

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