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Pediatric Vascular Access Cases

Pediatric Vascular Access Cases highlights some of the interesting Nurse Clinicians in Action cases that Vascular Wellness clinicians have encountered and participated in treatment. Obtaining vascular access in pediatric patients is challenging because of their small, shifting, unstable, and fragile veins. Vascular Wellness’ specialized pediatric training program enables our nurses to bring expert care to the bedside to treat the patient and family compassionately and effectively.


Pediatric Vascular Access Cases: This case occurred in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) with a two-month-old infant suffering from Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) and pneumonia. The infant was having trouble maintaining adequate oxygenation and needed immediate intubation, which requires IV sedation. The PICU staff made several unsuccessful attempts at IV access, even with near-infrared vein visualization. A Vascular Wellness clinician was called to place an ultrasound-guided IV, which was successful on the first attempt. Unfortunately, the infant continued to decline even after intubation and administration of critical care medications, so the PICU intensivist attempted both a femoral and an IJ for central access but was unsuccessful. Vascular Wellness was contacted, and the clinician returned immediately. A rapid ultrasound assessment revealed the best approach would be a left sided IJ, and insertion was achieved on the first attempt. The patient stabilized and fully recovered.

Pediatric Patient Requires Compassionate Vascular Access Care | NCIA-12

Pediatric Vascular Access Cases: A pediatric patient with a complex medical history, including severe infection, pneumonia, and seizures, required hospitalizations and ongoing vascular access. Due to a fragile vascular system, the patient had previously suffered a life-threatening complication with an access device. Facing another hospitalization, the parents researched alternative solutions and found Vascular Wellness. The Vascular Wellness clinician met the family at their home, reviewed the complex medical history, and was able to place an ultrasound-guided PIV at home, preventing the need for hospitalization. Later, the patient’s medical team determined that longer term access was needed, and the Vascular Wellness specialist returned and placed a Midline catheter at the home, once again avoiding the need for hospitalization and costly procedures. Vascular Wellness has placed additional lines and continues to maintain a close relationship with the patient and parents.

Pediatric Patient with Crouzon Syndrome | NCIA-16

Pediatric Vascular Access Cases: A fearful pediatric DIVA (Difficult Intravenous Access) patient with Crouzon syndrome was scheduled for an upcoming surgery and required vascular access. Crouzon patients often require multiple surgeries to accommodate brain growth. This 6-year-old patient had already undergone 30 surgeries and numerous failed vascular access attempts, which traumatized the patient and her parents. A more sustainable, compassionate solution was necessary. On the morning of surgery, Vascular Wellness arrived at the family home and spent time explaining the procedure and demonstrating the Ultrasound with the patient and parents. With the patient and family comforted, the clinician placed the line on the first stick and the family went to the hospital. The hospital staff was delighted that Vascular Wellness established access and used that access freely and without complication.

Pediatric Vascular Access Cases: Key Points

Key points for pediatric vascular access

Our specialized pediatric training programs address the unique nature of pediatric care and provide our clinicians the skills, knowledge, and confidence to manage even the most challenging cases.

Key points

Obtaining vascular access in an anxious pediatric patient requires highly skilled experts who can provide holistic, compassionate care that addresses the patient’s and family’s emotional and medical needs.

Key points for pediatric vascular access cases

Our nurses are accomplished at using ultrasound guidance for IV access for pediatric patients and their structural anatomy, which is a critical skill for establishing safe access and reducing discomfort.

Key points for pediatric vascular access cases

Pediatric patients are not just small adults and require specialized care for the best patient outcomes.

Key points for pediatric vascular access cases

Our Vascular Access Solutions yield superior results and have been life-changing for patients needing ongoing vascular access support, as trusting relationships are formed with the patient and families.

"What sets them apart is their immeasurable compassion and high level of patient care focus and provide individualized and customized patient care that is exceptional — they’ve changed our son’s life and ours. It is so reassuring to know that they exist to help us during the horrible times when my son is doing especially poorly and can help him stay at home and suffer less and get what he needs. These treatments have been incredibly life-improving for my son!”

Pediatric Patient Requires Compassionate Care | NCIA-12

“We were so impressed with not only professionalism and knowledge during Mina’s in-home access, but we were also impressed with the way they dressed the line for her transportation to the hospital. They even checked with the team at the hospital to make sure Mina’s recovery was progressing as expected. In addition, the staff at the hospital was delighted to know Mina’s line was already placed by the team at Vascular Wellness.”

Pediatric Patient with Crouzon Syndrome | NCIA-16

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NURSE CLINICIANS IN ACTION case summaries involve challenging situations or intriguing clinical presentations where Vascular Wellness was able to create clinically appropriate access promptly, minimize sticks, and place the right line at the right time, the first time.

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