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Vascular Access for Skilled Nursing and Continuing Care

Vascular Wellness provides Vascular Access for Skilled Nursing Facilities and Continuing Care Retirement Communities, delivering hospital quality vascular access to these clients and patients. Skilled Nursing Facilities and Continuing Care Retirement Communities, also known as SNFs and CCRCs, serve essential roles in providing healthcare and other related services generally to the aging population. SNFs and CCRCs rely on outsourced mobile, on-call, and on-site healthcare providers to come to their facilities and deliver exceptional services consistent with other services that the SNFs and CCRCs provide, whether externally or internally. Vascular Wellness provides Vascular Access for Skilled Nursing and Continuing Care in its service areas bringing prompt, responsive, timely, and affordable, clinical vascular access services to the bedside, often same day, positively adding to the patient and his or her family and friends’ satisfaction with the facility.


Vascular Access for Skilled Nursing and Continuing Care

Benefits for Skilled Nursing Facilities and Continuing Care Retirement Communities outsourcing to Vascular Wellness generally consist of hospital quality, prompt, responsive, timely, and affordable Vascular Access Services, adding to brand enrichment for SNFs and CCRCs. Vascular Wellness is the best in class vascular access provider serving most hospitals and other facilities in our service areas, achieving exceptional results. The patient views the SNF and CCRC as their primary partner, a general contractor of sorts, that they can look to for services and voice their opinions when services are exceptional or subpar. In addition, the patient’s family and friends often serve as advocates to help ensure that the patient is taken care of properly. We train our clinicians in bedside manner, especially for elderly patients, and have vast experience working with all stakeholders, including the facility, medical team, other mobile providers like X-ray and Imaging and Pharmacy, patient, family, and friends, and why choosing Vascular Wellness is the Smart and Safe Choice. We pride ourselves on placing the right line at the right time, the first time, at the right location (at the bedside), as a valuable member of the medical team.

Vascular Access for skilled nursing

Benefits for Skilled Nursing and Continuing Care

Vascular Wellness saves time and makes the delivery of IV medications much quicker in hard to stick patients. Most importantly it saves the patients from pain and the risk factors from repetitive IV attempts.  
~RN | CSSU Hospital

They often save the day by getting access to the very hard stick patients and allow our day to function more smoothly. Love them all! 
~RN | Nursing, Hospital 

Skilled Nursing Vascular Access Services from Vascular Wellness

Hospital Quality
Vascular Access Services

We have always had amazing communication and results with Vascular Wellness. We are not trained to put these types of midlines/central lines in for these sick patients. We rely on their services frequently. 
~Manager | Stepdown Unit, Hospital


Vascular Access for Skilled Nursing and Continuing Care

Hospital Quality Vascular Access Services for SNFs and CCRCs is what we provide and have provided for many years, and through the placement of hundreds of thousands of lines across all client segments. Unlike many of our competitors, our nurse clinicians are Hospital-Credentialed, Skill-Verified, Board-Certified, Insured, and Salaried W2 employees, meaning we have control over quality and consistency of services. We train all employees through our proprietary didactic, simulation, and hands-on training with precepting. Our nurse clinicians must prove competency to a preceptor over a minimum number of line placements prior to sign-off and solo deployment. While our competitors typically use 1099 contractors who self-verify and are compensated on a pay per procedure model, our salaried employees are encouraged to spend all time necessary to perform a comprehensive medical history review to ensure the clinically appropriate line before sticking, as well as to answer all questions about the procedure and care and maintenance. It is not unusual for us to work with the medical team and offer recommendations based on the medical history review and treatment plan, and such recommendations are often accepted by the treating doctors. With our greater than 98% success rate and 0% infection rate, across standard and advanced lines (advanced lines are central lines that our competitors do not provide and are typically used in more challenging clinical cases such as difficult intravenous access (DIVA) patients), we offer superior quality at the bedside, avoiding unnecessary trips to the hospital caused by delays, bad sticks, or inability to obtain access – which, ironically, such hospital is likely served by our clinical team. And this is another reason why we can say that we deliver Hospital Quality Vascular Access Services to your facility, minimizing patient disruption, improving patient outcomes, and lowering costs. For clarification purposes, certain advanced lines may not be suitable for placement outside of a hospital.

I would like to say that our Vascular Wellness team members educate us and also are good patient advocates to help us give the best care possible. 
~RN | ICU, Hospital


Vascular Access for Skilled Nursing and Continuing Care

Prompt, Responsive, and Timely Vascular Access Services for SNFs and CCRCs are an essential component of Hospital Quality Vascular Access Services. With our W2 employee model, we have redundant, geographic coverage with pre-defined scheduled shifts so when we receive a call, we schedule a clinician for dispatch as opposed to searching for a 1099 contractor willing to accept the assignment. Our large footprint of specialists and experts are available 7 days a week, including after-hours, holidays, and weekends, have a 3-hour average response time, and 95% of our calls are serviced the same day and within 6 hours. Faster and reliable response time with clinically appropriate access, means faster therapy being able to be delivered to the patient. Faster therapy means decreasing the likelihood of having to go to a hospital and better patient satisfaction, without the need to explain why the prescription was delivered to the facility but couldn’t be used or infused due to vascular access delay. Treatment delays come with the risk of leading to higher expenses and worse outcomes. Finally, our 24/7 Vascular Access Support Team with a clinician on-call, is available for questions at any hour or for scheduling upon the opening of business hours. We are your committed treatment partner.

Mobile Vascular Access services from VA-BC clinicians at Vascular Wellness

Prompt & Responsive Vascular Access for Skilled Nursing and Continuing Care

They come quickly, get what they need, and do what they need to do. [Vascular Wellness clinicians are] very nice, very professional. Keep doing a great job!
~RN | ICU, Hospital

Most of the time patients ask for the Vascular Wellness team before letting nurses attempt to gain access. The Vascular Wellness team we have are great and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. 
~LPN | Nephrology, Hospital

Affordable vascular access for skilled nursing and continuing care

Affordable Vascular Access Services

Vascular wellness always helps obtain the access we need to give our patients the medications they need/require for improvement.
~RN | ICU, Hospital 


Vascular Access for Skilled Nursing and Continuing Care

Yes, we provide Affordable Vascular Access for Skilled Nursing and Continuing Care but, to be direct, we will not be the least expensive or cheapest provider if measured on price alone, and will be slightly higher. For the quality and reliability that we provide, we feel that we offer significant value and greatly mitigate the risk of poor patient outcomes, additional medical expenses, central line blood stream infections (CLABSIs), hospital transportation expenses, losing the patient to a long hospital stay, hospital acquired infections, and patient, family, and friend dissatisfaction, all of which can be consequential. Unfortunately for the patient, we have cases where we come into a situation to fix a mistake by an inferior provider and that poor patient experience and additional expense could have been avoided by using us as your primary provider. Not only do we protect your brand, but we feel that we complement and enrich the high quality services that you provide.

Prompt service with very knowledgeable staff makes caring for my patients easier.
~RN | Heart Unit, Hospital


Vascular Access for Skilled Nursing and Continuing Care

Vascular Wellness Vascular Access Services are the Smart and Safe Choice. We invest heavily in our clinical services and administrative infrastructure to deliver exceptional, hospital quality, prompt, responsive, timely, and affordable Vascular Access Services. We also provide our clients with economical education and training opportunities for your staff to help in care and maintenance as well as to address lines without the need to call us, saving you money. Vascular Wellness is your best of breed comprehensive Vascular Access Solution.

Vascular Access Training Courses

The Smart & Safe Choice
for Skilled Nursing and Continuing Care

Your Vascular Access Solution:
Vascular Access for Skilled Nursing and Continuing Care

Healthcare providers outsource vascular access services to high-quality nurse clinicians because it makes clinical and financial sense in many situations, even when the healthcare provider (such as a hospital) has the option to hire in-house resources. Vascular Access is a specialized and invasive medical procedure requiring a high level of skill, continuous training, top supplies such as catheter kits with ECG tip confirmation technology, and expensive medical equipment such as ultrasound that can read and integrate with the ECG. The combination and integration of the clinician, the supplies, and the equipment naturally favor the decision to Outsource Vascular Access Services.

Explore our Internal Jugular & Mid-Thigh Femoral Vascular Access Patient Cases

These patient cases highlight some of the interesting Nurse Clinicians in Action cases that Vascular Wellness clinicians have encountered and participated in treatment.

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Vascular Wellness provides comprehensive, quality, timely, and innovative vascular access services, including standard and advanced line placement, pediatrics, program management, education, training, and infection control and prevention to all healthcare settings such as Tertiary Hospitals, Community Hospitals, Long-Term Acute Care Hospitals, Hospital at the Home Programs, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Surgical and Outpatient Centers, Hospice, and At-Home care. We support a 98+% Success Rate with 0% Insertion-Related Infection Rate across all lines, with an average response time of 3 hours. We help our clients improve patient outcomes, enable faster therapy, reduce costs, infections, and readmissions, decrease hospital length of stay, and reduce transportation expenses.

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