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Vascular ACCESS Team

The Vascular Access Team at Vascular Wellness is your partner of Vascular Access Experts that can augment your internal Vascular Access or PICC Team such as at a Tertiary Hospital or be your outsourced partner in the case of a Community Hospital, Hospital at Home programs, Skilled Nursing Facility, Outpatient Center, Hospice, or At-Home care. Vascular Wellness provides comprehensive Vascular Access services, including standard lines (eg, PICCs & Midlines), advanced lines (eg, Internal Jugulars, Femorals & Vas Caths), program management, infection control consulting, education, training, and pediatrics. Vascular Wellness focuses on quality, safety, consistency, reliability, and timely response and is the Vascular Access Team that you can depend on to help you provide the best healthcare to your patients.

Vascular Access Team

Vascular Access Team, Specialists in Vascular Access Care

Vascular Access Services – PERFORMANCE

  • Effective: >98% Success Rate

  • Timely: 3-hour Average Response

  • Accessible: 24/7 VST Call Center

  • Available: 7 days/week including Holidays

  • Safe: 0% insertion-Related Infection rate

  • Advanced: Large & Small Bore Central Lines

  • Innovative: Dialysis & Tunneled Catheters

Vascular Access Services – IMPACT

Improve Patient Outcomes & Reduce Costs

  • Faster Patient Therapy

  • Eliminate Costly & Complex Transportation

  • Reduce Hospital Length of Stay

  • Decrease Hospital Readmissions

  • Strengthen Infection Control

  • Expand Skills with Training & Precepting

  • Enrich Patient & Family Experience


  • Short-Term/Long-Term Acute Care Hospitals

  • Tertiary, Community, Hospital at Home

  • LTACHs & Rehabilitation Hospitals

  • Skilled Nursing & LTC Communities

  • Surgical & Outpatient Centers

  • Nephrology, Oncology & Physician Offices

  • Pharmacies

  • Hospice

  • At-Home


Vascular Access Team on Demand by Skill-Verified, Board-Certified, Insured, and Salaried W2 Employee Clinicians is a reality with Vascular Wellness.  Our performance, including 3-hour average response time, 95% response time within 6 hours, >98% Success Rate, and 0% Insertion-Related Infection rate, is superior in the industry.  Vascular Access Team on Demand for Vascular Wellness means that we can be on-site, on-call, or scheduled in advance and with our employee model, our clinicians will be there when you need us.  Our Vascular Access Team on Demand model enables our team to serve the patient at the bedside, timely, even at the patient’s home, enabling prompt therapy, avoiding transportation, and mitigating possible exposure to other illness or disease.

Vascular access on demand at the bedside
Vascular Access Board Certification and Hands-on Training


Vascular Access Team Board Certification is something that every Vascular Access Team should establish as a goal and all members should encourage and take seriously.  At Vascular Wellness, as clinicians become eligible, we require Vascular Access Board Certification (VA-BC) by the Vascular Access Certification Corporation (VACC), the certification partner of the Association for Vascular Access (AVA).  We also support the Infusion Nurses Certification Corporation (INS) and their specialty certification referred to as Certified Registered Nurse Infusion (CRNI).  While Vascular Access Team Board Certification is significant, it is not a clinical competency, and as such, all Vascular Wellness team members also must undergo didactic, simulation, and hands on training with preceptor sign-off plus semi-annual skill-verification to help ensure consistent and reliable quality by our clinicians.  As Vascular Access Experts, in addition to Vascular Access Team Board Certification, we invest more heavily in skill development than many companies claiming to be experts or specialists, so our clients and patients get the very best in Vascular Access from our team of specialists.

Vascular Access Board Certified NURSE

Vascular Access Board Certified (VA-BC) Nurse is a nurse who has earned the Association for Vascular Access certification.  This involves a nurse that actively works in the area of Vascular Access submitting the application with payment, receiving an Authorization to Test (ATT) letter, scheduling the exam, studying for the exam, and achieving a passing score. VA-BC Nurse is something that every Vascular Access Team should encourage and require of its nurses, whether they be W2 employees or 1099 contractors.  A VA-BC nurse is a distinguished certification but in and of itself, does not prove competency which is why at Vascular Wellness, we invest heavily in our policies, procedures, training materials, and competencies that we use with our team.  Other companies claiming to be Vascular Access Experts may or may not require the VA-BC Nurse certification and may or may require additional training and skill-verification, bringing some doubt to their claims of their Vascular Access Team being Vascular Access Experts.  See VACC – Vascular Access Certification Corporation ( for additional information.

VA BC Nurse is earning the Association for Vascular Access certification
Mobile Vascular Services from Vascular Wellness


Mobile Vascular Services by the Vascular Access Team at Vascular Wellness means the highest quality Vascular Access Services delivered to you.  Mobile Vascular Services for Vascular Wellness does not mean 1099 contractors, lower quality, unreliable response time, or all those negative connotations that come with the word Mobile.  Our performance, impact, and our community of Healthcare Partners demonstrate what we provide to our client partners, what we can do for you, and why we believe that we are the best Vascular Access Team in the southeast and why we refer to our nurses as clinicians.  Our team brings holistic care and hospital quality Vascular Access Services to the bedside where treatment is best, delivering the right line at the right time, the first time.


Mobile Vascular Solutions include solutions for: Hospitals, Long-Term Acute Care Hospitals, Hospital at Home programs, Skilled Nursing Facilities and CCRCs, Surgical & Outpatient Centers, Hospice, and At-Home.

Mobile Vascular Solutions by Vascular Wellness improve the patient and family experience and enrich our client’s brand and reputation through our comprehensive and compassionate care, quality, safety, and timely response time.  The Vascular Access Team at Vascular Wellness delivers Mobile Vascular Solutions at the bedside that help you improve patient outcomes, reduce costs, and strengthen infection control by enabling faster therapy, eliminating transportation expenses, and reducing hospital length of stay and readmissions.  Our Vascular Access Team serves as a reliable partner to other Mobile Vascular Solutions and other Mobile Healthcare companies, providing premium services to our mutual patients and clients.

Mobile Vascular Solutions from Vascular Wellness

Looking for more than just a Mobile IV Access Service?

We offer timely, innovative, and advanced vascular access services at the bedside, with full administrative support, from skilled employees who care.

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Vascular Wellness provides comprehensive, quality, timely, and innovative vascular access services, including standard and advanced line placement, pediatrics, program management, education, training, and infection control and prevention to all healthcare settings such as Tertiary Hospitals, Community Hospitals, Long-Term Acute Care Hospitals, Hospital at Home Programs, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Surgical and Outpatient Centers, Hospice, and At-Home care. We support a 98+% Success Rate with 0% Insertion-Related Infection Rate across all lines, with an average response time of 3 hours. We help our clients improve patient outcomes, enable faster therapy, reduce costs, infections, and readmissions, decrease hospital length of stay, and reduce transportation expenses.

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