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Improving Quality and Safety in Healthcare

Preventing Healthcare Associated Infections.

Empowering Nurses.

Improving quality and safety in healthcare, helping people and families return to their lives, and strengthening communities by:

✔︎  Advancing Medical/Bedside Care and Improving Patient/Client Service
✔︎  Increasing Nursing Skill Set
✔︎  Expanding Nursing License Authority
✔︎  Extending our Expertise through Education, Teaching, Training, and Publication

Improving Quality and Safety in Healthcare

Improving Safety in Nuclear Medicine

Vascular Wellness’ Stephen Harris and Nancy Warden, along with James Crowley, co-authored Radiopharmaceutical Administration Practices–Are they Best Practice? published in Frontiers in Nuclear Medicine, a leading research journal in its field. This peer-reviewed article demonstrates how current practices in gaining venous access and administering radiopharmaceuticals may not be best practice, and suggestions for improvement.

As Vascular Wellness has been advocating for patient care and patient safety in the administration of radiopharmaceuticals for over 2 years, we have authored and posted the following blog articles providing additional information:  Why does Nuclear Medicine greatly depend on proper Vascular Access and Radiopharmaceutical Extravasations & Nuclear Medicine.

Radiopharmaceutical Administration Article from the Leaders in Vascular Access

Improving Access to Healthcare

In addition to being Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) certified, Vascular Wellness’ owners were featured in a local business journal.  This article focuses on how Vascular Wellness brings healthcare to community and rural areas, as a mobile vascular access company placing standard and advanced central lines. READ the article…

Woman Owned Vascular Access Company
Jennifer Etkin is improving quality and safety in healthcare

By: Jennifer T. Etkin, CEO:

Nurses play a critical role in improving the quality and safety in healthcare, and that conviction drives our actions.  Nurses are extraordinary people – intelligent, caring, courageous, and their drive to make a difference are just a few of their best and most impactful characteristics.  They greatly impact and improve the lives of the people and patients they touch, and at Vascular Wellness, we empower our nurses to continue to make a powerful impact.

Our nurses are essential and valuable contributors to our team; as such, we refer to them as Clinicians.  Our Clinicians are specialists who perform advanced medical procedures, care for our patients, educate and innovate, and are Vascular Wellness Ambassadors.  By caring for our Clinicians and all team members, we enable them to care for our patients, clients, and partners.

Healthcare often starts with vascular access.  We are advancing vascular access health and wellness in many areas, including best practices, safety, education, innovation, and value.  We evaluate, test, and use state-of-the-art supplies from preeminent vendors.  Veins are not renewable resources and bad access can cause severe damage, so ensuring proper care is critical to improving patient outcomes.  We understand, appreciate, and consider ourselves privileged to be providing services in this highly essential area of medicine as we reduce healthcare associated infections and improve patient outcomes.

While I am not a nurse, most of us have either been a patient in a hospital setting or have friends and family who have been patients.  Although I was not a part of the healthcare industry prior to Vascular Wellness, when the opportunity to get involved in healthcare became available, I did not hesitate to jump in and help make a difference.  Getting to know our team members has been incredibly rewarding.  Our nursing, operations and administration professionals are exceptional, and our team’s devotion to the vision and each other inspires us daily.  Our team enjoys working with each other and we appreciate that our meetings are filled with great conversation, candor, vulnerability, and humor.  I feel truly blessed to be part of such an amazing group.  I am proud to say that this team inspired our daughter to pursue a career in nursing, and she is currently enrolled in the School of Nursing at her university.

As you can tell, I care deeply about our vision, our team, our work, and our community and improving quality and safety in healthcare.  If you are interested in learning more, please contact us and we will be sure to get back to you promptly.

Nancy Warden is improving quality and safety in healthcare

By: Nancy W. Warden, RN, BSN, MBA – Healthcare Management, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Clinical Officer:

Vascular Wellness believes in empowering nurses and improving patient outcomes. As the leader of the Clinical Team, I ensure that we provide, protect and treat our Clinicians with the utmost respect and give them all the tools, supplies, safety equipment, and training needed to perform their jobs, empowering them to make the right decision for the safety and wellness of their patients.  We provide extraordinary patient care and we always do what is right for the patient to ensure patient outcomes and lower cost.  Improving quality and safety in healthcare is our passion.  

You may have heard similar words from other healthcare companies and have some skepticism.  I have been in healthcare my whole career and I know that the Vascular Wellness leadership team truly believes in these words and defers to my judgment in matters regarding the clinicians and the patients.  I feel very fortunate to be part of a management team that supports Clinicians and understands the value that these Clinicians provide to healthcare.

We are doing incredible things to advance nursing primarily in the area of vascular access.  We work closely with nursing boards and other organizations, as well as with the nurses themselves, doctors, and administrators at our clients to continually look for ways to improve, innovate and provide the best and most efficient patient outcome and care.  We consult with infection control officers and often, can decrease healthcare associated infections in vascular access care.  Essentially, we are a collaborative company positively impacting healthcare and improving quality and safety in healthcare.  

I am passionate about Vascular Wellness.  It is unlike any healthcare company I know of and love the manner in which we do things.  We are innovators and collaborators and we are making a difference for our patients and their families, our clients, and in nursing.  Like Jennifer and Alan, if you are interested in learning more, please contact me.  We love talking about how we serve our people so that they can serve our patients and clients, and healthcare in general.  We are very proud of our team and know that we will continue to make a difference.

Nancy Warden is improving quality and safety in healthcare

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