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Vascular Access for Hospitals and LTACHs by Vascular Wellness delivers access, convenience, and experience.  In addition to PIVs, Midlines, and PICCs, we uniquely place ultrasound guided advanced central venous catheter lines at the bedside 7 days a week for Hospitals and LTACHs.  We also provide program management, infection control and consulting, clinical education and training, and pediatrics.  Our team of credentialed, certified, skill-verified, and insured W2 employee nurse clinicians along with full administrative support, including detailed patient records, quality reports, and participation with The Joint Commission, enables seamless integration with in-house clinical and administrative hospital teams.


Vascular Access for Hospitals and LTACHs

We serve many of the largest Acute Care Hospitals throughout the southeast, including supporting Intensive Care Units, Critical Care Units, Infectious Disease Departments, Emergency Departments, Nephrology, Oncology, Pediatrics, and more. By providing unmatched and innovative advanced lines such as Internal Jugulars, Mid-Thigh Femorals, Axillaries, Large Bore Lines, Tunneled Central Lines, and Dialysis Catheters (Acute/Temp Vas-Caths and Tunneled Perm Caths) at the bedside 7 days a week, often same day, we help our Acute Care Hospital clients eliminate transportation, internally and externally, enable faster therapy, and decrease hospital length of stay and readmissions resulting from infections. We are especially effective at promptly and responsively reaching rural and community hospitals through a geographically diverse workforce of trained clinicians. Our clients typically refer to our expertise by requesting a consult and deferring to our recommendation for the most clinically appropriate line, given the diversity of lines that we place. Further, our clients’ doctors typically enjoy having additional time to enable them to practice at top of license, resulting in additional skilled and scarce resources for the Acute Care Hospital and community, as well as increased job satisfaction for the doctors.

Vascular Wellness vascular access services for Acute Care Hospitals

Acute Care Hospitals

Their promptness with getting IV access on patients when RNs cannot is invaluable. Many of our patients need central lines which can be very time consuming and Vascular Wellness has made getting needed medicines into very ill patients so much faster and frankly reliable. 
~MD | Internal Medicine, Hospital 

This group is a guaranteed way to get access on even the most difficult patients. The physicians and nurses rely on them as a critical part of the team. IV access is one of the most challenging things in our sick patients and this group goes above and beyond both with their technical skill and professionalism. I hope to never lose access to their services.
~MD | ED, Hospital 

Vascular access services for Long term acute care and rehabilitation hospital

Long Term Acute Care Hospitals – LTACHS and Rehabilitation Hospitals

[The Vascular Wellness clinicians] are both wonderful additions to our team, we feel relieved when they come to help out because we know the task will be completed efficiently and professionally. 
~RN | Rehabilitation Hospital


Vascular Access for Hospitals and LTACHs

Long Term Acute Care Hospitals – LTACHS and Rehabilitation Hospitals comprise a major segment of our hospital clients. Similar to Acute Care Hospitals, our clients greatly value the prompt, responsive, timely, and highly skilled vascular access services at the bedside. In addition, they also express tremendous gratitude for the additional time we take at the bedside with the patient and family members. They appreciate the thorough medical history review we perform as it is usually complex, as well as the patience we show in answering all patient questions and taking the extra steps to make them and their families comfortable with the procedure. Rehabilitation stays can be lengthy and frustrating as patients want to return to their lives, and we understand and appreciate the situation and treat every patient as if that patient were a family member. Our clients have told us that we help enhance the patient and family members’ satisfaction with the LTACH or Rehabilitation Hospital, leading to positive survey results.

Vascular Wellness is an essential component in preventing delay of care situations. Many patients are on multiple IV infusions that require central lines or multiple INT access sites. The patient population is often difficult to gain vascular access. Before Vascular Wellness, PICCs were only available M-F from 8-4… Our needs are 7 days a week. Being able to get access 7 days a week is essential to caring for our patients.  
~RN | Heart Unit, Hospital


Vascular Access for Hospital at Home Programs

Hospital at Home is a major initiative at many healthcare systems, and is being rolled out methodically for certain patient situations at certain facilities. In sum, Hospital at Home describes an “inpatient” hospital relationship but instead of inpatient being in the hospital, the inpatient is in the home, like an extended wing of the hospital. This patient is served via telehealth and providers coming to the home for in-person services. Serving patients at their home is not new to us, and we participate in these programs as a valuable, experienced provider reaching patients who are not able to, or choose not to, come to the hospital. In other words, we serve the patients how they want to be served leading to greater patient control and satisfaction. Our clinicians have extra training to understand how to enter a personal residence or house, make proper introductions, greet family members, ensure a sterile and safe environment, and create a highly satisfying experience for the patient and family members. We understand that we are an extension of the hospital and the significance of the interaction from a timely response to a full explanation of the procedure and subsequent care and maintenance. We are a trusted and valued partner for Hospital at Home programs.

Vascular access on demand at the bedside

Hospital at Home

Nurse Clinicians in Action - Vascular Access Patient Cases

Hospital at Home Vascular Access - NCIA-35

A Hospital at Home patient needed vascular access for labs, but their depleted veins made obtaining vascular access difficult, and resulted in repeated and painful attempts that were unfortunately unsuccessful.

The Vascular Wellness team has been integral to providing timely, effective, and compassionate patient care… always very receptive to the needs of our patients and tactfully places lines on some of our most complex patients. 
~MD | Internal Medicine, Hospital 


Hospital Outpatient Services

Patients always ask for your group to place their access, at this point they want only “the experts.”
~MD | Internal Medicine, Hospital


Vascular Access for Hospitals and LTACHs

Hospital Outpatient Services are a valuable part of any hospital’s comprehensive services as Hospital Outpatient Services enable it to serve additional patients and reach far into the community, as well as to help optimize hospital resources to fund other operations. We have participated in these services in various ways, including staff augmentation, on-call or on-demand as needed, scheduled days and times, and helping to programmatically set up a program as we did for monoclonal antibodies infusions during the height of Covid. We provide our services independently or as part of the clinical team serving groups like dialysis patients. Hospital Outpatient Services, like Hospital at Home as Inpatient, enable hospitals to serve patients how they want to be served, leading to higher patient satisfaction and brand enrichment.

Your Vascular Access Solution:
Vascular Access for Hospitals and LTACHs

Vascular Wellness’ sole focus is vascular access. Vascular Wellness delivers the highest quality, most innovative, and incredibly responsive service making it a superior solution for supplementing the Hospital Vascular Access Team. Hospitals benefit from outsourcing some or all of their vascular access team needs to Vascular Wellness across all facets including clinical, financial, and administrative. Based on experience with its clients, Vascular Wellness can provide cost savings for its hospital clients that can either be reallocated to other areas or repurposed.

Explore our Intensive Care & Dialysis Vascular Access Patient Cases

These patient cases highlight some of the interesting Nurse Clinicians in Action cases that Vascular Wellness clinicians have encountered and participated in treatment.

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Vascular Wellness provides comprehensive, quality, timely, and innovative vascular access services, including standard and advanced line placement, pediatrics, program management, education, training, and infection control and prevention to all healthcare settings such as Tertiary Hospitals, Community Hospitals, Long-Term Acute Care Hospitals, Hospital at Home Programs, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Surgical and Outpatient Centers, Hospice, and At-Home care. We support a 98+% Success Rate with 0% Insertion-Related Infection Rate across all lines, with an average response time of 3 hours. We help our clients improve patient outcomes, enable faster therapy, reduce costs, infections, and readmissions, decrease hospital length of stay, and reduce transportation expenses.

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