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Vascular Access Patient Survey

Welcome to our Vascular Access Patient Survey.  Thank you in advance for taking the time to provide feedback to us.  We care deeply about our patients, and your feedback is shared across our company so we can ensure we continue to do what helps our patients, as well as address any items that need improvement.  While you may have received our services in a healthcare setting such as a Hospital or Skilled Nursing Facility, what you may not know is that we also provide our doctor-prescribed services at the home.  Please contact us if we can help you or anyone else in any way, and we always appreciate referrals to medical providers.  Thank you!

Vascular Access Patient Survey

Patient Survey
Please help us continue to improve our services by filling out this short survey of your experience with Vascular Wellness.
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(This is the nurse who used an ultrasound machine to insert your catheter/line. Examples include Midline or PICC in your upper arm, Internal Jugular in your neck, Mid-Thigh Femoral in your upper leg, Dialysis Catheter, etc.) *If you are unsure of the name, please write "unsure"
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This is optional
Age range:

Tell us about the nurse that performed the procedure:

The nurse introduced himself/herself
The nurse explained the procedure
The nurse answered my questions and addressed my concerns
The nurse cleaned up after the procedure
The nurse arranged the room back to how it was or how I reasonably directed
The nurse was professional
The nurse was courteous
The nurse respected my privacy when visitors were present in the room

Satisfaction Scale

On a scale of 1-5, with 5 stars being the best, rate how well we satisfied your clinical needs.
On a scale of 1-5, with 5 stars being the best, rate your overall experience.
On a scale of 1-5, with 5 stars being the Extremely Likely, how likely are you to recommend Vascular Wellness to others?


Thank you for taking our Vascular Access Patient Survey!

Your response ensures we are providing the best Vascular Access Service possible!

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Vascular Wellness provides comprehensive, quality, timely, and innovative vascular access services, including standard and advanced line placement, pediatrics, program management, education, training, and infection control and prevention to all healthcare settings such as Tertiary Hospitals, Community Hospitals, Long-Term Acute Care Hospitals, Hospital at Home Programs, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Surgical and Outpatient Centers, Hospice, and At-Home care. We support a 98+% Success Rate with 0% Insertion-Related Infection Rate across all lines, with an average response time of 3 hours. We help our clients improve patient outcomes, enable faster therapy, reduce costs, infections, and readmissions, decrease hospital length of stay, and reduce transportation expenses.

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