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Vascular Wellnesssm Clinical Nursing Services at the Bedside by Hospital Credentialed Employees Helping Clients Improve Patient Outcomes


Vascular Access Services at the bedside

✔︎  Vascular Access Board Certified (VABC) & Insured “W2 Employee” Nurse Clinicians 
✔︎  98% Success Rate & 0 Insertion Related Infections – including Advanced Procedures
✔︎  Staff Augmentation through Comprehensive Program Management Solutions 
✔︎  Inpatient, Outpatient & At-Home Solutions extending Patient Care
✔︎  Infection Prevention Consulting & Training; General Vascular Access Education
✔︎  Top Rated & Hospital Preferred Becton Dickinson/Bard Supplies
✔︎  HIPAA/HITECH Compliant Systems; Joint Commission Survey Participation
✔︎  Available 7 Days/Week, including Weekends and Holidays

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Vascular Access Program Management

The Joint Commission Survey Participation

Infection Control Consulting

EHR/CHR Vascular Access Configuration

Outpatient Program Implementation

Vascular Access Services Reimbursement Coding (eg, CPT) Consulting and Support

Device Selection Tools

Quality Service Reports

Procedure Documentation

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ECG Configuration

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Vascular Access Clinical Consultation and Procedures

Vascular Access Clinical
AVA guidelines catheter to vein ratio for vein preservation
Vascular Access Clinical
Midlines can decrease central line days and should be used for the appropriate therapy.

Clinical Consultation including Medical Record Review

Immediate X-ray Clearance by Certified Clinicians

Large Bore Catheter including Quad Lumen

Temporary Dialysis Catheter Placement

Small Bore Internal Jugular, Axillary & Femoral Central Catheter

PICC (including tip confirmation)


Extended and Basic Dwell Peripheral IV

Mediport Access or De Access

Vascular Access Device (VAD) Assessment

Vascular Access Pediatric (Birth – 18 years old)

Pediatric Infection Control Consult

Pediatric Small Bore Internal Jugular & Femoral Central Catheter (with or without Sedation)

Pediatric PICC (including tip confirmation)

Mediport Access or De Access

Pediatric Vascular Access

Pediatric internal jugular (IJ)

Pediatric Vascular Access

Age appropriate care techniques and safety measured by the American Academy of Pediatrics


Pediatric Advanced Life Support

What is Mobile Vascular Access? 


Mobile Vascular Access generally consists of nurses delivering vascular access services to patients at the bedside.  Unlike other companies that provide Mobile Vascular Access as part of a suite of mobile healthcare services or use contractors to provide the services, Vascular Wellness’ sole focus is Vascular Access.  We invest in our clinicians and our infrastructure and, as a result, provide the highest quality, most reliable, and safest patient care.     


Vascular Wellness is a Mobile Vascular Access company that hires, trains, and skill-verifies its employees semi-annually.  Employees must perform a minimum number of procedures as monitored by a Preceptor before being permitted to perform those procedures.  Our employees are either Vascular Access Board Certified Clinicians or in the proces of obtaining certification.  We are able to maintain our superior service levels as we schedule our employees, and schedule redundancy across our service areas.  All clinicians carry an ultrasound machine and various top-rated Bard catheter kits, and are connected via a HIPPA compliant messaging platform, so they are prepared for virtually every situation and have access to other clinicians should they wish to seek a second opinion.  Our clients enjoy a 24 hour call center and access to a clinician on-call should expert advice be needed.     


In addition to ultrasound guided IVs, Midlines and PICCs, we perform advanced procedures including Small Bore Central Lines (such as Internal Jugulars and Femoral Catheters) and Large Bore Central Lines (such as Vas Caths for Dialysis and Quad Lumens).  We place the right line at the right time, and patient care, safety, and infection control are our highest priorities.  Our superior and affordable service enriches the patient experience and your brand and reputation.  Please contact us and learn why many hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and other healthcare providers rely on Vascular Wellness for their Mobile Vascular Access needs.  We are here to serve you and your patients and would love to learn how we can help and be of service.        

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Vascular Wellnesssm provides vascular access clinical nursing services at the bedside across the southeast to a diverse client base including hospitals, long term acute care centers, surgical and outpatient centers, skilled nursing facilities, and at-home care.

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