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Vascular Access Company Administrative Support

As a Vascular Access Company that consists of a strong vascular access clinical team supported by a superior administrative team and infrastructure, Vascular Wellness prides itself on being best in class clinically and administratively and this enables us to support all needs of our our clients and patients. We pride ourselves on being a Vascular Access Company that provides the complete solution with the same high focus on administrative needs as we do on clinical needs. For clients, Vascular Wellness maintains a 24/7 help desk (aka, call center) with a clinician on-call should a consultation be needed. This consult can be used to help assess a potential patient not currently being seen by Vascular Wellness or a current patient with an existing line that may need some care and maintenance. Further, Vascular Wellness provides client and patient clinical, financial and administrative information timely and as needed, and produces comprehensive quality reports that clients typically use internally and for purposes of The Joint Commission. Vascular Wellness’ HIPAA and HITECH compliant systems along with full administrative support helps ensure clients have the information needed for internal or external policy and procedure compliance. We are the complete Vascular Access Company. READ MORE about how we provide full administrative support for clients looking to outsource vascular access.

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