Mobile Care Medical

Mobile Care Medical is an innovative and advancing model of delivering health care to the patient at the patient’s home, rather than the patient having to travel to a medical provider such as the hospital or long-term care facility in order to receive treatment.  This reduces the time needed for the patient to receive care by decreasing transportation time, and makes receiving medical care more convenient, ultimately adding to the patient’s overall quality of life.  Mobile Care Medical provides a wide range of medical services, including primary care, preventative health screenings, and chronic disease management, as well as diagnostic and clinical procedures such as imaging (including X-Ray and Ultrasound), blood draws, and IV Therapy.  Mobile Care Medical tends to be quicker, avoiding facility related wait times, and a more personalized and intimate experience without all the traffic of a busy hospital or medical practice. Further, Mobile Care Medical facilitators generally are more able to spend additional time with the patient to fully explain whatever treatment plan or care is provided to the patient and address any patient or family members’ concerns.  Having a full understanding of the treatment plan can improve care and reduce costs.

Mobile Care Medical is not limited solely to physical care in the home.  Mobile Care Medical includes mobile clinics and telemedicine.  Mobile clinics bring health care to communities usually in rural or underserved areas via a traveling vehicle such as a van or trailer and can sometimes be the only healthcare some of the people in these communities can access. Telehealth is using computers and mobile devices remotely such as in the home to obtain health care services and became widely used during Covid.

As benefits to Mobile Care Medical are being realized, especially after Covid, Medicare and other health plans are slowly beginning to increase their coverage for these services. Mobile Care Medical expands access to healthcare especially in rural or underserved areas while reducing costs.  Vascular Wellness is a Mobile Care Medical company specializing in comprehensive mobile vascular access services at the bedside and has been providing vascular access services, including all equipment and supplies, at the bedside since 2008.

Mobile IV

| Mobile IV Therapy

Mobile IV describes Mobile Care Medical companies that are either exclusively highly-trained nurses specializing in vascular access or Mobile Care Medical companies that provide many mobile healthcare services in addition to vascular access.  Further, Mobile IV companies consist of those that only place the vascular access device, those that only initiate and monitor the infusion, and those that do a little of both.  Vascular Wellness specializes in the vascular access device consultation, selection, and placement pursuant to a physician’s orders.  

An IV is an intravenous method of delivering medication and therapies into a vein for immediate access to the bloodstream.  Mobile IV consists of IV nurses trained in varying degrees of standard and advanced vascular access device placement, often called vascular access or PICC nurses, and infusion procedures delivering IV services at the bedside, called infusion nurses.  Mobile IV Therapy is delivered by one of the types of available vascular access devices such as standard basic and extended dwell Peripheral IVs (PIVs), Midlines, and PICC lines; as well as Advanced Lines such as Small Bore Internal Jugular, Femoral, and Axillary Lines. Many nurses are only trained to place basic PIVs and require more training to place Ultrasound-Guided PIVs, Midlines, PICCs, and the various advanced central lines.  Virtually all nurses are able to initiate and monitor infusions, although specialty infusions often require specialty training.

Vascular access device placement for Mobile IV Therapy by a high-quality provider that solely specializes in vascular access can be very different compared to that of a mobile health care generalist that provides many services without any specialty.  Vascular Access is an invasive, non-benign, medical procedure where the extra training of a specialist translates to better healthcare.  Specialists and experts practicing at the highest level in their field will better be able to evaluate a patient and their medical history and consult with the physician if the specialist believes a vascular access device (ie, a line) other than what was prescribed may be more clinically appropriate.  Further, if the physician agrees with the specialist, the specialist will then be able to place the recommended line whether it be a standard line or an advanced line.  The specialist will have a more intimidate understanding of the benefits and uses of each line and add value as a member of the treatment team.  For example, a PICC is not always the best choice for patients and a high-quality provider, with physician consent, can choose from other catheter lines and place the right line at the right time, the first time.  Sometimes, it can be a less invasive and costly line such as a Midline, and other times, it can be a more advanced central line.  High-quality Mobile IV Therapy is not ubiquitously placing PICC lines in every patient. High-quality Mobile IV providers do not just follow some best practices, they follow all the latest best practices and keep abreast of current new changes, including actually contributing to the innovation and updates.  Proper vascular access device placement is key and once properly placed, the actual infusion and therapy can be initiated by the infusion nurse.

Further, a specialized Mobile IV company can better augment an in-house hospital model with respect to vascular access device placement.  First, it can more easily obtain and maintain credentialing of its employees at the hospital and then, provide resources when needed due to volatility or staff shortages.  A specialized Mobile IV company can also place advanced lines at the bedside which are not usually done by an in-house team.  Many specialized IV Mobile companies provide their own medical supplies and equipment and are able to serve their clients and patients based on their needs and requirements.  Non-specialized Mobile IV companies typically use 1099 contractors to place lines which can lead to uncertain and unreliable results.  Vascular Wellness employs Vascular Access Board Certified nurses as W2 employees, leading to better and more certain and reliable outcomes.

Mobile Nurses

| Mobile Nurse Practitioner Services

Mobile Nurses and Mobile Nurse Practitioner Services are essentially the same in that both medical professionals will travel to the home or healthcare facility; however, they do vary in their scope of practice and level of services they can provide as Nurse Practitioners are able to perform additional clinical services.  Both have the benefit of providing high-quality services in the comfort of the patient’s home or bedside in a healthcare facility and provide more individualized care that meets the needs of the patient. This also protects the patient from exposure to healthcare infections and other complications if they had to travel to another healthcare facility.  Mobile Nurses and Mobile Nurse Practitioner services can assess the patient for medical conditions before they require hospital admissions or acute transfers. Overall, they can provide a more personalized continuity of care.

Mobile Nurses can have an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) or Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing (BSN), although the BSN is more advanced.  Mobile Nurses can assess patients, monitor their conditions, administer medications and treatments, aid in diagnostic testing, and provide emotional support and health education to them and their families.  A Nurse Practitioner requires advanced education such as a Master of Science in Nursing Degree and board certification in a specialty role but can provide more services.  In general, a Nurse Practitioner can examine patients, diagnose health problems, order and analyze test results, administer medicine and treatments, and participate in the care of the patient.  Nurse practitioners scope of practice can vary depending on the state and healthcare facility.  A Nurse Practitioner can practice in a wide variety of health care settings and can specialize in such areas as adult geriatric acute care, primary care, mental or emotional health, pediatrics, cardiology, and women’s health.  Regardless of the level of training, Mobile Nurses serve a valuable role in bringing healthcare to the patient at the bedside, especially in the area of Vascular Access and Mobile IV Therapy.

Vascular Access Specialists

| Vascular Wellness

Vascular Wellness is a team of Vascular Access Specialists that provide prompt Mobile Care Medical services at the bedside in any healthcare setting so that patients can generally be treated more conveniently and efficiently at a lower cost.  Vascular Wellness clinicians are experts in all aspects of Vascular Access Device (VAD) placement including assessment, insertion, maintenance, difficult placements, and removal.  Vascular Wellness Specialists are W2 employees who complete comprehensive training that can involve placing 50 to 100 lines per procedure type, follow best practices for line placement for vein preservation to minimize complications, and utilize the best equipment and supplies from Bard/BD, a leading supplier to hospitals. Vascular Wellness clinicians can place Ultrasound-Guided Extended Dwell PIVs, Midlines, and PICCs, and many clinicians can place advanced devices, including Small Bore Central Catheter Lines (such as Internal Jugular Lines and Femoral Lines) and Large Bore Central Catheter Lines (such as Vas Caths for Dialysis and Quad Lumens). Vascular Wellness also provides Vascular Access training, infection control, and comprehensive administrative support including quality reports and detailed patient records for The Joint Commission surveyors.  Vascular Wellness clinicians are Vascular Access Specialists and serve as reliable, scalable, and trusted Outsourcing partners to any healthcare provider or facility.

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