IV Mobile

IV Mobile describes mobile nursing companies that may provide a range of on-call, on-demand, and on-site IV Access Services. IV stands for Intravenous and is a method of delivering medication and therapies into a vein for immediate access to the bloodstream.  IV Mobile companies consist of IV nurses trained in varying degrees of basic and advanced infusion procedures that may include assisting in the infusion of medication or fluids, providing IV Access, and delivering additional services related to infusions.  Many IV Mobile companies provide their own medical supplies and equipment and serve their clients and patients based on their needs and requirements.

IV Access

| IV Access Services

IV Access and IV Access Services are provided by nurses, PICC Nurses, PICC Services companies, and Vascular Access Services companies.  Most IV nurses are trained to provide IV Access which typically consists of IVs, also known as Peripheral IVs and PIVs, including both basic and extended dwell PIVs, the latter only if the nurses are ultrasound trained.  Extended Dwell PIVs enable a longer infusion time than the basic IV. That is usually where their IV Access training ends, although when they receive additional training in Midline and PICC line placement, they earn the name and are typically referred to as PICC nurses.  As these PICC nurses are trained in Midline and PICC placement for IV Access, for them, IV Access Services include PICC Services.  Advanced lines are direct central lines, not peripherally inserted like the PICC line, such as Small Bore Internal Jugular Lines, Femoral Lines, and Axillary Lines, as well as Large Bore Lines including Vas Caths for Dialysis and Quad Lumen Lines, and, when added to IV Access Services and PICC Services, describes the more comprehensive term, Vascular Access Services.  There is much advanced training and practice in placing these advanced IV Access Services and at Vascular Wellness, where there is advanced training, these nurses have earned the title vascular access clinician.

PICC Team augmentation

| PICC Staff augmentation

PICC Team augmentation is a way to either add to a hospital’s internal PICC staff or to completely outsource their PICC services needs. PICC Team Augmentation, also known as PICC Staff augmentation, for providers other than hospitals such as skilled nursing facilities, this term means to augment other services that are provided as generally, there are no internal PICC Teams.  PICC services, as mentioned above, comprise PICCs, Midlines, and the basic and extended dwell PIVs, and PICC Team augmentation generally can provide any of those services. Besides the basic IV, the PICC, Midline, and Extended Dwell PIV are placed using Ultrasound guidance needle visualization. PICC Staff augmentation is usually provided by PICC specialists and this is an added benefit of getting highly trained experts in the field. PICC Staff augmentation can be used for staff shortages, staff instability, and patient surges.  PICC Staff augmentation by specialists can reduce costs and possibly extend services and community outreach by infection prevention, better outcomes, staff preservation, prompt patient turnover, and patient satisfaction.

Vascular Access Team augmentation

| Vascular Access Staff augmentation

Vascular Access Team augmentation is an effective way to obtain basic and advanced IV Access Services. Vascular Access Teams should know all aspects of vascular access intimately due to the volume and frequency of placing IV lines. In addition to placing advanced IV lines, they also include other more comprehensive areas such as program management, education, training, infection control consulting, pediatrics, and even administrative support.  Vascular Access Team augmentation, also known as Vascular Access Staff augmentation, provides the added benefit of adding specialists to your team that can provide excellent outcomes and cost savings.  Vascular Access Staff augmentation by experts helps provide better infection control, patient satisfaction, and faster patient turnover.  Vascular Wellness is the perfect solution for your Vascular Access Staff augmentation needs.

IV Access Company

| IV Access Companies

Each IV Access Company may consist of 1099 contractors that generally do not serve hospitals and others may consist of highly trained, certified W2 employees, such as Vascular Wellness, that are hospital credentialed and serve at the patients’ bedside locations in hospitals or other facilities.  IV Access companies are very important as they provide the IV Access Services that are critical to patient care and most patient care starts with access whether the IV Access is a basic line or a more advanced central line.

Vascular Wellness

| Vascular Access Experts

Vascular Wellness is a team of Vascular Access Experts that can provide augmentation to your vascular access staff and can establish, manage, and operate a vascular access department.  Vascular Wellness clinicians specialize in all aspects of vascular access device (VAD) placement including assessment, insertion, maintenance, difficult placements, and possible removal.  Vascular Wellness clinicians are W2 employees who complete comprehensive training that can involve placing 50 to 100 lines per procedure type, follow best practices for line placement for vein preservation and to prevent side effects, and utilize the best equipment and supplies from Bard, a leading supplier to hospitals. Vascular Wellness clinicians can place Ultrasound Guided Basic and Extended Dwell PIVs, Midlines, and PICCs, and many clinicians can place advanced devices including Small Bore Central Catheter Lines (such as Internal Jugular Lines and Femoral Lines) and Large Bore Central Catheter Lines (such as Vas Caths for Dialysis and Quad Lumens). Vascular Wellness also provides vascular access training, infection control, and comprehensive administrative support including quality reports and detailed patient records for The Joint Commission surveyors.  Vascular Wellness clinicians are Vascular Access Experts.

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