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Vas Cath Placement for Dialysis and Large Bore Lines

Vas Cath Placement and other large bore lines such as Quad Lumens represent some of the more recent innovations of Vascular Wellness. Large bore central venous catheters (CVCs) have very sizeable diameters that enable rapid fluid and blood administration. They are usually used in emergency situations such as trauma, the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), certain non-emergency situations as clinically indicated, and as a temporary central line for dialysis including Vas Cath Placement. A Quad Lumen can be used in the Emergency Department (ED) or ICU for a patient that is very sick and needs multiple points of access such as blood pressure monitoring, heart rate monitoring, medications, and fluids. The diameters are typically eight (8) French catheter or higher and the CVCs can be placed in the Internal Jugular or Femoral veins. While some physicians may place these lines anatomically, Vascular Wellness places these lines using UltraSound (US) guidance and the Seldinger Technique, with placement confirmed by X-ray. Vas Cath Placement by highly skilled vascular access nurses is growing in popularity in hospitals as it allows for immediate commencement of dialysis without transportation expense or interference with the nephrologist’s clinical schedule improving patient outcomes at reduced costs. Furthermore, by achieving prompt dialysis even after-hours or on weekends will mitigate the risk of cascading complications due to delays in therapy.

Pursuing its vision of advancing healthcare and empowering nurses, Vascular Wellness continues to innovate and nurse Vas Cath Placement and other large bore lines are additional examples of this. By bringing all the necessary equipment and supplies, Vascular Wellness efficiently handles large bore lines including Vas Cath for Dialysis which we have found, can be the most preferred option desired by the physician as it can be done timely, at lower cost, and at the bedside. READ MORE about Our Vas Cath for Dialysis Services.

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