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Vein Preservation in Patients with Kidney Disease

Vein Preservation Improves Outcomes in Patients with Kidney Disease

Vascular Wellness makes vein preservation part of every clinician’s assessment before beginning any procedure.

The Importance of Vein Visualization in Complex Cases

Patients with kidney disease and renal failure have limited vascular access routes, making vein preservation critically important. Gaining vascular access in these patients can be challenging due to stenosis – thickening, hardening, stiffening, and narrowing – of the veins.

Our clinicians are experts in vein visualization using ultrasound guidance to eliminate missed sticks, and they are proficient in achieving vascular access the first time, even in complex cases. This is particularly relevant for patients with renal disease. We’ll talk more about Vein Visualization and how it helps ensures successful vascular access on the first stick in our next post.

Innovative and Unmatched Vascular Access Programs for Dialysis

Because of the trust we have earned and the value we provide, our hospital clients asked us to help them with issues they were having with the timely and safe insertion of large bore catheters. After exploring and understanding their needs, we created our Large Bore Program in which our nurses insert acutely placed catheters at the bedside. Temporary dialysis is one of the main products, and we have seen a greatly reduced time from catheter order to time of dialysis treatment. Because we can typically insert the line within a few hours (including nights, weekends, and holidays), it means a patient who has an order placed on Friday morning can begin dialysis on Friday afternoon rather than waiting until Monday.

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Vein preservation for patients with kidney disease

Ensuring the Most Clinically Appropriate Line Improves Patient Outcomes

When any vascular access procedure is ordered on a patient with kidney disease or renal failure, Vascular Wellness clinicians work closely with the Nephrologist to ensure the right vascular access procedure is performed and follow KDOQI guidelines to preserve necessary vasculature.

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Innovation, Experience, and Expertise with Vein Preservation and Kidney Disease

Vascular Wellness nurses are Vascular Access Board Certified (VA-BC) in the placement of standard and advanced lines at the patient’s bedside, including Dialysis Catheters (Acute/Temp Vas-Caths and Tunneled Perm Caths)

Patient safety and the preservation of the patient’s vascular anatomy are vital to optimal patient outcomes; our clinicians use ultrasound guidance to ensure safe and clinically appropriate vascular access, avoiding multiple sticks and reducing the risk of infection.

What makes Vascular Wellness the Right Choice?

  • Dialysis catheters
  • Large & small bore lines
  • 7 days/week, including nights, weekends & holidays
  • 24/7 call center
  • 3-hour average response
  • 0% insertion-related infection rate
  • >98% success rate

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Emergent Temporary Dialysis Catheter

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