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PICC Services Company Comparison

We present this PICC Services Company Comparison to document and describe how Vascular Wellness differs from PICC Services Companies, and why Vascular Wellness is the Smart & Safe Choice.  Unmatched by PICC Services Companies, we provide standard and advanced lines at the bedside, including PIVs, Extended Dwell PIVs, Midlines, PICCs, Internal Jugulars, Mid-Thigh Femorals, Axillaries, Large Bore Quad Lumens, Dialysis Catheters (such as Acute/Temp Vascaths and Tunneled Permcaths), Tunneled Central Lines, and Arterial Lines, for pediatrics through adults from VA-BC Nurse Clinician employees (not contractors). We serve our clients and patients 7 days/week, 365 days a year, often same day. We are Vascular Access Experts, providing responsive and affordable hospital-quality Vascular Access Services to all healthcare settings.

Why Vascular Wellness
is the Smart & Safe Choice


Does your provider place the right line at the right time, the first time, improving patient outcomes; enabling faster therapy; reducing costs, infections & transportation expenses; and decreasing hospital readmissions & length of stay?

Vascular Wellness

(Vascular Access Specialists)

PICC Services

Does your PICC Services company devote 100% of time, effort, and resources to Vascular Access, including quality; safety; innovation; education; industry support; and active participation with AVA, INS, CDC, IDSA, Nursing License Boards, Hospital Boards & The Joint Commission?

Does your PICC Services company employ Registered Nurses as W2 employees with full benefits ensuring control, quality, safety, consistency, reliability, and timely response; and a commitment to its vision, culture, and values?

Does your PICC Services company maintain 3-hour average response time, 95% response time within 6 hours, >98% success rate, and 0% insertion-related infection rate across Standard and Advanced Lines, using industry-best equipment and supplies?

Does your PICC Services company mandate didactic, simulation, and hands-on training with preceptor sign-off prior to solo deployment?

Does your PICC Services company require nurse clinicians to achieve and maintain Vascular Access Board Certification (VA-BC) and to be skill-verified semiannually?

Does your PICC Services company provide comprehensive Vascular Access Services, including Standard and Advanced Lines; program management; infection control consulting; clinical education, training, and precepting for client skills verification; and pediatrics?

Does your PICC Services company place Standard Lines, including Ultrasound-Guided PIVs, Midlines, and PICCs?

Does your PICC Services company place Advanced Lines, including Arterial Lines, Small Bore Internal Jugular, Mid-Thigh Femoral & Axillary Lines, Large Bore Quad Lumen Lines, Dialysis Catheters (e.g., Acute/Temp Vascaths & Tunneled Permcaths), and Tunneled Central Lines?

Does your PICC Services company deliver full administrative support services, including detailed patient records; quality reports; hospital credentialing; and HIPAA, HITECH, and Privacy compliance?

Mobile PICC Services Companies

PICC Services Company: Internal Jugular procedure

Services from Mobile PICC Services Companies typically include only Ultrasound Guided PICCs, Midlines, Extended Dwell PIVs, and PIVs (Standard Lines) and if done correctly by qualified nurses, can generally offer adequate vascular access on a transactional basis for certain patients, which is not holistic, comprehensive care and is not appropriate vascular access in complex situations, making it an incomplete bedside solution. Holistic medical care means talking to the patient, addressing questions and fears, and performing a comprehensive medical review. Prior to providing any Vascular Access procedure, the Vascular Wellness clinician reviews the patient’s medical record, including history and lab reports, and independently verifies and confirms the doctor’s order. If our clinician disagrees with the prescribing doctor, the clinician will consult with the doctor. Our clinicians have earned the trust of many doctors, and such doctors will defer to the clinician’s recommendation by ordering a “consult” as compared to a specific line, which is not done with typical Mobile PICC Services Companies. Patient safety and vein preservation are critical – which is why a holistic, comprehensive evaluation and Advanced Lines are significant.

Advanced Lines, including Internal Jugulars, Mid-Thigh Femorals, Axillaries, Large Bore Quad Lumens, Dialysis Catheters (such as Acute/Temp Vascaths and Tunneled Permcaths), Tunneled Central Lines, and Arterial Lines allow us to obtain critical vascular access when Standard Lines may not be appropriate such as when the patient has or likely will have kidney and renal failure, has or likely will have Deep Vein Thrombosis (or DVT), or had a mastectomy.  In such situations, other vascular access devices that enable vascular access provide additional tools to create safe vascular access.  While Vascular Wellness excels in the placement of these Advanced Lines, very few vascular access nurse clinicians are able to even offer or provide such lines as part of their limited Mobile PICC services, making such PICC services incomplete.  Over the years, we have learned that because other Mobile PICC Services Companies do not offer Advanced Lines, in certain cases, those company nurses will not do a detailed medical history review or will ignore such medical history so that they can place the line, claim success, get paid, and move to the next transaction, at the extreme frustration of the doctor knowing that the patient’s life may have been shortened by such behavior.  

Additional PICC Services Company Comparison includes that Vascular Wellness nurse clinicians are Vascular Access Board Certified (VA-BC), insured, skill-verified, and salaried W2 employees, meaning that we can ensure quality, reliability, and consistent services.  Our employees’ compensation is not based on speed or productivity, and our focus is on client and patient service.  Mobile PICC Services Companies that rely on 1099 contractors are typically not as responsive nor provide the consistent and reliable quality that we deliver every day, including with respect to equipment and supplies as described below.  

As another PICC Services Company Comparison, in states where nurses are permitted, Vascular Wellness expert clinicians can provide immediate X-ray Clearance of lines when tip confirmation is not available or appropriate and X-ray confirmation must be used. This saves money, time, and coordination with a Radiologist or other doctor and enables the lines to be used immediately to avoid delaying treatment. Quicker therapy leads to better outcomes.

PICC Services Companies Comparison

Further PICC Services Companies Comparison is around equipment and supplies. Vascular Wellness uses top rated and hospital preferred supplies from Becton Dickinson (BD), formerly Bard. Superior supplies and services help mitigate the potential for poor outcomes such as bad placement, clotting, infections, and other adverse events plus include ECG Tip Confirmation Technology often eliminating the need for X-ray confirmation of PICC Lines.

In addition, PICC Services Companies Comparison is also around program management and related services.  Vascular Wellness provides policy and procedure consulting and documentation, EHR/CHR Vascular Access configuration, Vascular Access services reimbursement coding consulting and support, infection control support, pediatric vascular access, and education and training by active, experienced nurse clinicians. We are the true Vascular Access Specialists and Experts, and much more than any PICC services company claiming to be a specialist or expert.

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Vascular Wellness provides comprehensive, quality, timely, and innovative vascular access services, including standard and advanced line placement, pediatrics, program management, education, training, and infection control and prevention to all healthcare settings such as Tertiary Hospitals, Community Hospitals, Long-Term Acute Care Hospitals, Hospital at Home Programs, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Surgical and Outpatient Centers, Hospice, and At-Home care. We support a 98+% Success Rate with 0% Insertion-Related Infection Rate across all lines, with an average response time of 3 hours. We help our clients improve patient outcomes, enable faster therapy, reduce costs, infections, and readmissions, decrease hospital length of stay, and reduce transportation expenses.

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