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Patient-Centric Dialysis Catheter Placement

Patient-Centric Dialysis Catheter Placement at the Bedside

“The needle goes into the patient one time, and one time only, and that happens with needle visualization. This ensures you’re doing the best for every patient now and down the road.” ~ Stephen Harris, Director of Research and Development, Vascular Wellness

According to the National Institutes of Health, approximately 80-90% of patients in hospitals will receive vascular access in some form.

For many patients, this translates to multiple painful unsuccessful attempts until vascular access is achieved in a patient who is now stressed, anxious and distrustful.

For Vascular Wellness patients, this translates to success on the first attempt in a patient who was educated on what would happen in advance, experienced minimal discomfort during the procedure, and is appreciative and trusting.

Yes, a big part of how we are achieving vascular access on the first attempt starts with the way we use needle visualization via ultrasound guidance to ensure we know exactly where the needle is, and that it’s where it should be. But in actuality, it starts way before that.

Our patient-centric approach starts with us being available 24/7/365, and can typically place lines the same day they’re ordered, including nights, weekends and holidays so treatment can begin right away, without delays.

Our patient-centric approach means showing up at the patient’s bedside and thoroughly reviewing medical records, collaborating with the care team, honoring vein preservation, and ensuring there are no contraindications.

Our patient-centric approach means talking with patients so they understand what to expect during the procedure, answering questions, and then inserting the appropriate line expertly and quickly to minimize discomfort.

Our patient-centric approach means we make one hole, we plug the hole, and there is minimum blood loss and no insertion-related infections.

Our patient-centric approach means procedures are performed skillfully and with patient comfort top of mind, and leaving the patient smiling saying “That was a piece of cake, I didn’t even realize you were done!”

Our nurse clinicians truly are experts in vascular access, and the benefit to the patient is lasting.

Vascular access is a routine part of medicine, but very few clinicians are properly trained and skilled to successfully insert lines at the bedside on the first attempt, especially in complex, emergent or advanced cases like Temporary Dialysis Catheter placement.

patient centric dialysis catheter placement

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Patient-Centric Dialysis Catheter Placement from Vascular Wellness

Vascular Wellness nurses are Vascular Access Board Certified (VA-BC) and use real-time visualization of needle positioning using ultrasound guidance to ensure success the first time. Our nurse clinicians undergo semi-annual skill verification, ensuring adherence to proprietary policies, procedures, competencies, and best practices.

What makes Vascular Wellness the Right Choice?

  • Dialysis catheters
  • Large & small bore lines
  • 7 days/week, including nights, weekends & holidays
  • 24/7 call center
  • 3-hour average response
  • 0% insertion-related infection rate
  • >98% success rate

We place the right line at the right time, the first time. Call us at 877-284-4435 or email us to learn more. No upfront cost or commitment to get started.

If you require Vascular Access or want to learn more, speak to the team at Vascular Wellness today.  For the latest articles and insights, follow us on LinkedInFacebookTwitterYouTube, and Instagram.

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Vascular Wellness provides:
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(2) Customized vascular access services to Tennessee and Georgia; and
(3) Support vascular access services to Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Kentucky

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