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Nurse-placed Dialysis Catheters at the Bedside

Nurse-placed Dialysis Catheters at the Bedside are improving outcomes and driving down costs

Patients with acute or chronic kidney disease can need different types of Dialysis Catheters – Acute/Temp Vas-Caths and Tunneled Perm Caths. Having a skilled partner who can perform these procedures as soon as they are clinically indicated, without delay – and at the patient’s bedside – can improve patient outcomes and decrease hospital and patient costs significantly.

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Nurse-placed Dialysis Catheters at the Bedside

Vascular Wellness Dialysis Program: Nurse-placed Dialysis Catheters at the Bedside

The Vascular Wellness Dialysis program was born from our full-time Director of Research and Development after listening to our hospital clients’ pain points about delayed and costly dialysis therapy. Our nurse clinician-led dialysis services are truly innovative and unmatched by virtually all vascular access nursing companies. We pride ourselves in being able to provide safe, timely, and effective Vas-Caths and other Large Bore lines with minimal bleeding or need for blood transfusion due to our expertise in ultrasound needle visualization.

Our successful clinical outcomes along with enabling nephrologists and vascular surgeons to focus on other matters has made this an attractive solution for many hospitals. We welcome a discussion to see how we can partner together.

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Patient Case Example: Emergent Vascular Access Needed for Dialysis

Ruptured Fistula caused Emergent Dialysis Situation – A patient arrived at a facility for dialysis and explained to his care team that he believed his AV fistula had recently become infected. They explained it was likely ok, and as they were preparing him for dialysis, his fistula ruptured, creating an emergent situation. Vascular Wellness was contacted, and our nurse quickly reviewed the patient’s medical history, including evaluating what type of care and vein preservation he might need in the future. Given his renal status, and wanting to preserve his arms for future needs, she successfully inserted a mid-thigh femoral temporary dialysis catheter. The patient was able to begin dialysis the same day and without any further delay, and his care team was able to focus on treating the infection at his fistula site.

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Emergent Temporary Dialysis Catheter Insertion in this Nurse Clinicians in Action case story.

Faster access to dialysis therapy with Vascular Wellness

Your Value Proposition… and What You can Expect from Vascular Wellness:

Our value-added vascular access services support your facility by avoiding unnecessary transportation costs, utilizing your medical resources efficiently and at top-of-license, and delivering faster, safer therapy. We arrive onsite, generally within three hours, with all the necessary equipment to perform vascular access procedures at your patient’s bedside, whether it’s placing a standard or advanced line.

Numerous hospitals and care facilities have partnered with Vascular Wellness for years because we provide our client partners with a dedicated professional team of vascular access experts who are trained, precepted, and Vascular Access Board Certified in the placement of standard and advanced lines at the patient’s bedside. Furthermore, we invest in innovation to develop additional advanced lines, like for Dialysis Catheters, and provide them to our clients so our clients can be on the cutting-edge in their approach to patient care and service.

What makes Vascular Wellness the Right Choice?

  •  >98% success rate
  •  3-hour average response
  •  24/7 call center
  • 7 days/week, including nights, weekends & holidays
  •  0% insertion-related infection rate
  •  Large & small bore lines
  •  Dialysis catheters

We are Vascular Access Specialists and Experts. We excel due to our:

·  Culture of Patient Care and Client Service
·  Clinical Focus on Vascular Access
·  Devoted Team of W2 Employee Clinicians
·  Placement of Standard and Advanced Lines
·  Comprehensive Administrative Support

We place the right line at the right time, the first time. Call us at 877-284-4435 or email us to learn more. No upfront cost or commitment to get started.

If you require Vascular Access or want to learn more, speak to the team at Vascular Wellness today.  For the latest articles and insights, follow us on LinkedInFacebookTwitterYouTube, and Instagram.

Vascular Wellness Serves North CarolinaSouth Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia. Expanding to GeorgiaKentuckyOhio, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee.

Vascular Wellness provides:
(1) Comprehensive vascular access services to North CarolinaSouth Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia;
(2) Customized vascular access services to Tennessee and Georgia; and
(3) Support vascular access services to Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Kentucky


Looking for more than just a PICC Service?

We offer timely, innovative, and advanced vascular access services at the bedside, with full administrative support, from skilled employees who care.