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How We Advance Healthcare and Empower Nurses

To Advance Healthcare and Empower Nurses is our Vascular Wellness vision and what drives us forward every day. We strive to improve and expand on best practices and innovate and provide our nurse clinicians the tools needed to provide the most clinically appropriate Vascular Access procedure. Vascular Wellness works with local Nursing Boards and The Joint Commission to continue to advance and empower what nurses can do to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs. For example, Vascular Wellness developed and received approval to provide Large Bore lines, including Vas Cath for Dialysis and Quad Lumen lines, and has successfully placed such lines. Along with the company knowledge that comes with placing hundreds of thousands of lines that get incorporated into our clinical procedures, we also expand the practice of nursing. Advancing Healthcare and Empowering nurses is what we do and Vascular Wellness brings this innovation to our industry, our clients, and our patients to provide superior clinical procedures and services. READ MORE about our Services that Advance the Healthcare System.

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