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Fearful Patient and Holistic Vascular Access Care – Nurse Clinicians in Action – 13

Fearful Patient and Holistic Vascular Access Care describes how a patient with needle phobia, having just been subjected to multiple unsuccessful vascular access attempts by facility staff, is comforted by the Vascular Wellness clinician who then obtains the correct vascular access; and is the focus of this Nurse Clinicians in Action.

Fearful Patient and Holistic Vascular Access Care

– Clinical Case

This case took place in a hospital.  A female patient in her 70s with a history of both difficult access and needle phobia needed a vascular access device for antibiotics.  Multiple facility staff attempted access unsuccessfully increasing the patient’s anxiety, as well as using and discarding multiple catheter kits.  Vascular Wellness was consulted to alleviate the situation and obtain the access essential for treatment.

Fearful Patient and Holistic Vascular Access Care

– Diagnosis and Treatment

The Vascular Wellness clinician arrived to provide clinical service and the staff updated the clinician on the current situation, including the patient’s heightened anxiety due to her needle phobia and the prior failed attempts.  The Vascular Wellness clinician received the information and proceeded to her assessment.  After checking on the ordered therapies, the clinician confirmed with the physician that a midline would be the right vascular access device for this patient.  Upon entering the patient’s room, the Vascular Wellness clinician quickly understood that rather than immediately preparing the ultrasound and midline equipment and supplies, pulling up a chair and just talking to the patient would be optimal.  Holistically, this allowed the Vascular Access clinician to gain the patient’s trust before even starting the procedure, and the patient was relieved to know that the latest technology, as well as numbing medication for comfort, would be utilized. As the patient and clinician continued their conversation, they realized there was a familial relationship which relieved the patient even more.  The Vascular Wellness clinician was able to place the midline without incident.  The patient thanked the clinician for making everything so easy.

Vascular Access Experts

– Key Points

As Vascular Access Experts, Vascular Wellness prides itself on using the latest technology such as Ultrasound machines for vein visualization, especially when the vein can’t be easily identified, and our employee training includes bedside manner and identifying and addressing common fears.  In general, our employee model (W2 Employees) as compared to an independent contractor model (1099 Contractors) allows for a more holistic approach to vascular access, beneficial to both our clients and patients.  The independent contractor model is more of a transactional model as these contractor nurses are typically paid on a fixed, per procedure basis which may create the incentive to “rush” as their incomes are dependent on the number of procedures they perform.  This clinical story required therapeutic conversation to achieve the best outcome, which takes time and sensitivity and is included in the Vascular Wellness service.  Of note, the patient gave the clinician an outstanding review on her post-discharge evaluation of the situation, and even picked up the phone to express her gratitude for the “girl who came and did my midline”.  When we say we provide holistic care, we mean every part of the care, including explaining the procedure to the patient, addressing patient fears, and placing the right line, at the right time, the first time.

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Nurse Clinicians in Action is a spotlight series highlighting some of the interesting cases that Vascular Wellness clinicians have encountered and participated in treatment. These cases involve challenging situations or intriguing clinical presentations and may involve more than one Vascular Wellness clinician, as our clinicians have the ability to consult each other while in the field, as well as an on-call Clinical Administrator via a HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability) compliant communication app. In addition, our extensive training program and diverse client base, including Level 1 Trauma Centers, Short Term Acute Care Hospitals, Long Term Acute Care Hospitals, and Skilled Nursing Facilities, provide our clinicians with a wide array of clinical experience and why we believe our clinicians, as a group, are the most experienced and best trained and supported vascular access clinicians.

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We offer timely, innovative, and advanced vascular access services at the bedside, with full administrative support, from skilled employees who care.


Looking for more than just a PICC Service?

We offer timely, innovative, and advanced vascular access services at the bedside, with full administrative support, from skilled employees who care.