Vascular Access Training and Education

Vascular Access training and education is part of what sets Vascular Wellness® apart from other vascular access companies.  We strive to help healthcare professionals improve patient outcomes.  Consistent with that belief, Vascular Wellness® clinicians undergo extensive training and semi-annual skill verification which helps ensure an unwavering culture of professional development, quality, patient wellness and safety, and innovation.  Please see our Vascular Access training and education courses below.

Empowering Nurses

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Vascular Access Services
Vascular Access Services
Vascular Access Services

Empowering Nurses through Vascular Access Training and Education

Learn from our vascular access nurse clinicians how to build your clinical skills and brand through our course offerings. Continuing education courses are available live (virtually or on-site) and will also be available online soon! Training includes a variety of hands-on techniques, guided presentations, and detailed images. Vascular access course training generally consists of course content and skills verification.

Empowering nurses through training and education is an important component of our comprehensive vascular access service offerings.

Empowering Nurses through Education

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Vascular Access Training and Education

Central Line Care and Dressing Change Courses

Central Line Care and Maintenance Course

In this infection control course, learn how to carefully and properly maintain central access devices to minimize infection risk. Learn proper techniques for a safe, sterile complication-free dressing change:

  • Overview of flushing guidelines
  • How to troubleshoot clogged or clotted lines
  • How to determine and address catheter positioning
  • How to assess symptoms of central line associated blood stream infections (CLABSI)
  • How to implement Centers for Disease Control recommended Central-Line care Bundles
  • How to reduce accidental pull outs, develop a  bundle and select products for optimal central line care

Dressing Change Course

Our infection control training will educate you on how to implement strict measures to effectively manage risk. Learn how to properly perform central line dressing changes:

  • Overview of dressings supporting optimized catheter function
  • How to determine and identify what supplies are important
  • How to use a dressing to decrease the chance of infection

Vascular Access Training and Education

Central Line Identification and Restoration Courses

Central Line Identification Course

Identify what type of central line the patient has before it is accessed to improve patient outcomes. Learn how to accurately identify central lines:

  • Overview of the latest in-market central venous access devices and configuration
  • How to identify the access device
  • Best practice guidelines to care for the patient 

Central Venous Access Device Patency Restoration Course

Address and solve a variety of central line scenarios. Learn how to troubleshoot issues surrounding central line patency:

  • Overview of flushing guidelines, drug compatibility, and proper line positioning for line patency
  • Troubleshooting various issues including central line not flushing or does not have blood return

Vascular Access Training and Education

Parenteral Nutrition Administration Courses

TPN and PPN Administration Course

Gain insights into managing the patient’s overall well being during vascular access. In this continuing education course you will learn the important factors surrounding intravenous nutrition:

  • Overview of administering TPN through central access, including best practice guidelines
  • Understand the key differences between TPN and PPN
  • How to make an effective catheter selection
  • How to ensure proper TPN delivery, including risk identification and management

Vascular Access Training and Education

IV Insertion Courses

Basic IV Insertion – IV Access Training

Become confident and proficient in starting intravenous lines with this IV insertion course:

  • Overview of proper vein and catheter selection
  • How to use various catheter types
  • How to use devices safely
  • How to safely secure the peripheral intravenous line

Advanced IV Insertion

Take IV skills to the next level to increase Press-Ganey patient satisfaction scores. Learn fine-tuning IV insertion skills and gain vascular access in challenging situations:

  • How to use an ultrasound to visualize and select a vein to aid in venous cannulation
  • How to reduce multiple needle sticks

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